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Bay Area Termite and Pest Control

Tent Fumigation

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When it comes to Tent Fumigation, we are the #1 Company to call in the Bay Area !

We do not sub-contract our work. Its our employees doing the job and every job is supervised to ensure your satisfaction.

Call us today and we will inspect and draw a specific diagram of your structure and give you a written proposal on the spot. We will beat any competitors written bid by 5%

Choosing a Tent Fumigation Company with Experience is so Important !

Bay Area Termite and Pest Control Inc. is a Dow Commitment To Excellence (CTE) Tent Fumigation Company servicing the State of Florida. We are proud to offer Tent Fumigation to our clients. Very few Pest Control Operators in the Tampa Bay Area do there own Tent Fumigation work. We are one of them. Please call for a free no obligation estimate for your home or business. We are priced very competivley and offer a superior guarantee.

There are many reasons why you should consider Bay Area Termite and Pest Control as your Fumigation company. We have the experience and expertise with over 20 years in Fumigation. We have 3 Certified Operators in Fumigation with the State of Florida on staff. We are a preferred Fumigation company for many other Pest Control Operators that do not offer Fumigation services. Please read on below for more information on Vikane Fumigations. Don't hesitate to contact our office with any questions. Our staff is very knowledgeable.

The Value of Vikane® Gas Fumigant

Trust the leader in whole-structure fumigation — Vikane® gas fumigant from Dow AgroSciences LLC, the No. 1 whole-structure treatment for drywood termites.


Vikane is a cornerstone of the fumigation industry.

  • It is backed by more than 50 years of fumigation experience.
  • It has support from a reliable sales and technical team as well as experienced distributor support.
  • It is a proven product from the same manufacturer for almost five decades.
  • Expertise, support and stewardship help preserve the industry.


Fumigators can rely on Vikane because it is a high-quality product that is made in the United States.

  • An efficient manufacturing process is in place to ensure that packaging and cylinders work as they should.
  • Dow AgroSciences is a globally recognized leading manufacturer in the pest management industry.
  • Adherence to the strictest manufacturing standards ensures product quality and integrity.
  • Vikane is specifically designed for whole-structure fumigation for drywood termites


Used for more than 2 million fumigations, Vikane is a proven, trusted product.

  • Reputable supplier and established channel partnerships ensure a dependable suply of product.
  • This high-quality product provides 100% elimination of drywood termites.


No one offers more trusted and convenient support than Dow AgroSciences and its distribution partners.

  • Service and product support are unparalleled in the industry.
  • IN-depth training programs help ensure proper application and safe handling.
  • Highly experienced, knowledgeable field representatives provide local support.
  • Extensive distribution support includes warehousing, training, product stewardship, DOT-compliant storage, handling of inventory, line of credit that may be available, and more.
  • Distribution channel offers a purchasing choice and convenience.
  • Technical or claim investigation support is available as well as the industry's cornerstone emergency support

Preparing for Whole-Structure Fumigation with Vikane® Gas Fumigant Congratulations — you have made the responsible decision to eliminate all of the drywood termites in your home by choosing whole-structure fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant. You can feel pride that you have chosen the No. 1 whole-structure treatment for drywood termites, backed by nearly 50 years of proven performance. There are some preparations that you will need to complete prior to your fumigation, including bagging food and other items, removing pets and plants, and arranging for lodging. Discuss what exact preparations will be expected of you with your fumigation professional

Trust your decision to treat your home with Vikane® gas fumigant.

  • 100 percent elimination of drywood termites
  • Proven effective in more than 2 million structures
  • Nearly 50 years of trusted fumigation expertise
  • Administered by trained, knowledgeable fumigation experts
  • Backed by service and support unparalleled in the industry

Make the best out of your decision to eliminate your drywood termite problem with Vikane gas fumigant.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing a home will be free of drywood termites requires preparing it for whole-structure fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant. Preparation involves bagging food, removing pets and plants, and arranging for lodging. Many homeowners take this opportunity to clean out clutter and get away or visit family. Here are some ideas to consider as part of the preparation process

Bagging food and other items

Bagging food and other items in special Nylofume® bags, as directed by your fumigation professional, is an essential step when preparing for whole-structure fumigation with Vikane. Here are some suggestions for making bagging fun, easy and rewarding

  • Throw a party to get rid of extra food and any beverages in opened bottles.
  • Search the Internet for recipes for creative dishes you can make with the food you have.
  • Use this event as an opportunity to clean out your cupboards and refrigerator.
  • Donate any unneeded/unwanted food to charity.


While your home is being treated for drywood termites through whole-structure fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant, you will need to find somewhere else to stay. Being away from your home doesn’t have to be an inconvenience — here are some ways to make the best out of your time away

  • Use this event as an opportunity to visit relatives you haven’t seen for awhile.
  • Plan a vacation around your fumigation.
  • Take advantage of the time away from home to visit local events or attractions.

Removing pets and plants

All pets and plants will need to be removed from your home while the fumigation is taking place. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when making arrangements for your pets and plants.

  • Arrange to take your plants to a neighbor’s house or designate an area outside where they will be out of the way of the fumigation crew and tarps.
  • Arrange a "play date" for your pets or take them to an animal spa.
  • Discuss with your fumigator preparations for large fish tanks and terrariums that cannot be removed during the fumigation.

Security and safety

While you are away from your home, it is normal to be concerned about your personal belongings and valuables. Here are some things you can do to keep your mind at ease during your fumigation.

  • For extra security, inform your neighbors that your house is going to be fumigated and ask them to keep an eye out for any strangers or unusual activity.
  • Take all your valuables with you, when possible. Create a "valuables checklist" so you can easily make sure everything is in place when you return home.
  • Ask your neighbors to pay extra attention to their pets and children to ensure they stay away from the fumigation site

Know What Needs to Be Bagged

Thank you for choosing Vikane® gas fumigant, the treatment that is proven to rid your home of drywood termites. Now that you have chosen whole-structure fumigation with Vikane, certain steps must be taken to keep food items and other perishable goods protected during the fumigation process. It is important to know exactly which household items need to be double-bagged in special Nylofume® bags.

Sample items that will NOT require bagging:

  • Any food, feed, drugs (including tobacco products) and medicinals in glass, plastic or metal bottles, jars or cans with the original manufacturer’s airtight seal intact
  • Any shampoo and soaps
  • Cosmetics, lotions, and any other topical creams, oils and ointments that are nonmedicinal

Sample items that must be bagged or removed from the structure being fumigated:

Do not forget those items in refrigerators and freezers.

When in doubt, take it out.

Any products not listed above that may require protection should be bagged or removed from the structure being fumigated. If you have any questions about what should be bagged, please contact Bay Area Termite & Pest Control

Nylofume® bags: The trusted way to protect food, feed, drugs and medicinals from fumigations with Vikane®.

Nylofume bags are made from a special nylon polymer film. Research has shown that these nylon polymer bags are very effective for protecting a wide variety of commodities from Vikane fumigations when used one inside the other. The Nylofume bags should be “doubled-up” before you fill them with items that need protection. All items such as food, feed, drugs and medicinals not adequately packaged (including those items in refrigerators and freezers) must either be removed from the structure being fumigated or sealed in the protective Nylofume bags

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